Sunday, 29 January 2017

Joggerfy 101: Archipelago

1 an expanse of water with many scattered islands

2 a group of islands

3 something resembling an archipelago; especially : a group or scattering of similar things an archipelago of small parks within the city
(Merriam Webster)

This is what HRC's fans are faced with.
Thanks to geography and technology, we
can now see which parts of the US voted for
Do you recognise this land mass?

It includes most of the urban areas in Cali and New England
(where Trump is known too well)

This happened despite there being
network coverage of HRC's campaign

Now, you would think that a philanthropist
with time on her hands would use her Foundation
to do good around the world. However, if your
Foundation is a political slush fund where
pay for play rules, you might be dumped by
all the oily kings who wanted to buy your

Maybe if they're lucky, the family Clinton
can still rule over Haiti as their last