Saturday, 28 January 2017

We don need no steenkin feckan wall

There's a duel coming soon to the
Siera Madre
Mother's Bush
between the US and Mexico. When
countries should be building bridges,
it seems Trump wants to build a wall.

 This has caused more than one Mexican
president to get very upset, since he is
said to be picking up the bill for the 

Even Vincente Fox, a previous prez
has been getting upset, on twitter.

I like this, but it seems strange that a guy
who wouldn't have been President of
Mexico if he wasn't a puppet, actually
let loose on the US, goading the present
Prez of Mex to get a spine and refuse to
talk to Trump.

In another , earlier tweet, he called it
a FACKEN wall. I'll find it later.

Thin-skinned Von Clownstick Trump
took offence, and also got all moral
on the use of bad language.

I'm guessing that Clownstick thinks that
the Mexicans are to blame for the porous
border, and not lazy US administrations.
I can now safely say this because, on twitter,
as always, there are videos circulating that
show both Obama and Clinton HRC singing
the praises of a wall. But, these folks were
just showboating, perhaps intimidating
some of the uppity Hispanic congresspeople
like Rubio and Cruz.
What else could it be?

Last point is the personal nature with which
Trump acts. It's not personality politics, it's
up in your face, grabbing your shit politics.