Sunday, 15 January 2017

would you like some Vanilla with that?

I know that this issue was dead and buried
10 years ago, sorry 29 years ago,
but I had a thought.
They even fooled the Grammys. Okay, it
broke 29 years ago and took 2 years
for the sync story to catch up with them.

It's about Milli Vanilli. If you recall,
(if not, ask your grandparents), we had
a couple of black dancing lads who
fooled people into thinking they were actually
singing their song. But they weren't.
Okay, call off the fraud squad. most pop
music is fraudulent anyway.
The Spice Girls were just chosen cuz
they was "sassy." they were not musicians
in the traditional sense. But, who cares.

The important issue for me now is,
that even the name of Milli Vanilli is
cynical. Why would you take a "band"
consisting of two black guys (and a
production team in the studio) and call
the group Vanilli? Was it a subliminal
message to middle America that these
guys were white enough?

anyway, these guys were not even
English native speakers, when the
song was clearly in American English.
They signed German contracts and
became famous. Apparently, one of
them committed suicide. Can't fake

Anyway. I got that off my shoulders.

Of course, nowadays, everybody uses that
song box for recording, and even on tour.
I've heard Beyonce, Britney use it. It's not
a sync, it just brings the singers weak
crappy voice into sync with what the
song should be. Ah, technology.