Monday, 31 October 2011

From duck soup to Won Ton soup

Wonton can-kicking Europeans go kerplunk in the South China Sea

I can't believe that the Europeans are going cap in hand to the BRICs.

What a bunch of wankers. They're so f%^&*&ked up that they can't
control their own bankers and they want the Chinese and Brazilians
to pay for it.

Keep on samba-ing, you lazy, corrupt European sons-a-bitches.
Then you'll discover the true meaning of life.

definition: duck soup= in deep shit.

checkitout: from Mish Shedlock
Sarkozy Under Fire for Seeking China’s HelpPlease consider Sarkozy Criticized for Seeking China’s Help
French President Nicolas Sarkozy came under fire from opposition leaders for seeking China’s help to resolve the euro area’s debt crisis.
“It’s shocking,” Martine Aubry, the general secretary of the Socialist Party, said in the Sunday newspaper, Journal du Dimanche. “The Europeans, by turning to the Chinese, are showing their weakness. How will Europe be able to ask China to stop undervaluing its currency or to accept reciprocal commercial accords?”
Sarkozy reached out last week to his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao to build support for an enlarged rescue fund designed to solve the region’s sovereign-debt crisis. The leaders talked just hours after a euro-region summit on Oct. 27 ended with an agreement to boost the European Financial Stability Facility to about 1 trillion euros ($1.4 trillion), leveraging existing guarantees by as much as five times.