Thursday, 27 October 2011

It's the final countdown, Europe

The favourite phrase of big-hair bands and #Occupy Wall Street

Of course, the banksters of Europe were facing ruin this week, but EU leaders
decided to kick the can down the road, so it's still game on
before the banks implode.

What Europe has done this week is choose slavery over freedom.

as the song says "we're living together", which means some are living in the palace and others have to sleep in the cellar with the rats.

The banks cannot lose, but governments and normal people (the 99%) can always be
robbed when you know the Prime Minister or President or Capo.

The answer to all the messing around in Europe is with another super-group

ASIA . They noticed the Heat of the Moment, this week, but also noted that
it's just a lot of heat and not a lotta light. More rightly, a blimp full of
hot air.

Supergroups were formed when guys could still use brushes and hair spray without
being punched out. It was the time when the EU was also created and when the
banks were truly let loose by the two-headed libertarian Reagan/Thatcher monster.

It was a "heady" time; the birth of Too Big to Fail.
Where are those super-groups now, anyways?