Monday, 3 October 2011

the bankers plan going like Clockwork, Orange

[at 0:20 "there's no law and order anymore"]
I don't know what he's talking about. There certainly plenty of excessive violence perpetrated by the police on peaceful protesters. @sarc

A story of how the bankers pay the police to beat up the starving masses.

KRS1 is right when he says that the NYPD is usually seen as being the
Wicked Overseer.

The police are protecting "money" and bankers at a time
when the people are simply marching, without pitchforks, to voice their opinion.
I think Americans call it the First Amendment right of free speech and assembly.

The media are also part of this free speaky thingy, but unfortunately,
they're also sold out to the powers. See above how Naked Cap found the web story
at NYTimes changing to make the marchers seem violent.

On the funny side, the police are protecting the very same bankers that
decimated their NYPD Cop Pension Fund. Less money for retirement and no retiring their fat butts at 50 anymore. And they can thank the bankers for that (listen to Reggie, below).