Monday, 28 January 2013

Nobel or a Boot to the head for the Bernank?

I know that Time & Atlantic said that
Bernanke was the hero of the 2008

Unfortunately, he believes it.
His sponsors think so too:
[william banzai 7]
 I was noticing an interesting picture coming
from a Bernanke conference, in what appears
to be a construction site.

It looks like he's about to be given a boot to the head.
A pic is worth a thousand wishes.

There is precedent for this in the adjudication of
wills, in Canada:

there's also a precedent in that Bernanke is
a mean little f^**ker who likes to sit
Buddha-like after pronouncing his wisdom to
an audience, until his ass feels right.
He don't wanna be interrupted by no punk!
Get it!