Tuesday, 29 January 2013

The Bonnie & Clyde economy

As I was watching a Bonnie and Clyde
documentary I realised what relationship
they had with the Financial Crisis of 1929.

People became desperate after a while
because they had no money or jobs.
Bonnie and Clyde both grew up poor
so they knew how to take advantage of
They knew that the government couldn't
cover the crime wave, so they went to town.

Well, here's another difference between
1929 and the Endless Depression of
2008- infinity:

The crime wave has changed location.
Where B&C were proletarian rebels
robbing the banks, now the banks are
robbing us, while our governments
are outside in the jalopy, keeping the
engine running. Obama the Wheel man.
Let's just say they're complicit.

Bonnie and Clyde, Part 2
Here are the stars of the show, in disguise:
Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan, as Rasputin, plays Clyde [Max Keiser]

Blythe Masters of JPMorgan, as Cruela Deville, plays Bonnie [Zerohedge]

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Money Laundering - Why Britain is still the leading centre in the world for funny money laundering!

Last night, 26th November 2012, the BBC's 'Panorama' programme unveiled a truly shocking exposee, dealing with the way that company formation agents in the UK and in the Channel Islands, Dubai and Mauritius are busily setting up companies, both here and in the offshore sector with the express aim of allowing criminals to get round the money laundering legislation.

The programme used undercover reporters using hidden cameras, and they filmed the meetings and the conversations with the relevant entities.

The reporter first presented himself as a wealthy British resident tax-payer who had £6 million stashed in Switzerland, on which no tax had been paid, and on which he wanted to evade any other tax liabilities. For reasons of agreements between the UK HMRC and the Swiss authorities, he wanted the money moved urgently, into another secret facility.

He made an appointment with a firm of corporate servicing agents in York where he met one of the directors. He told him the story of the money and his wish not to pay any tax on it, so the company director was in no doubt that the putative client wished to engage in a piece of unashamed tax fraud.

He was offered a solution involving what was described as a scenario involving a secretive offshore tax haven, a series of companies and trusts and a Foundation in Belize. He was told that the structure would not enable any trace to be made back to the beneficial owner, and that the formation company were already operating up to 10,000 such similar structures already. He was told that in no HMRC investigations have the investigators been able to get to the money.

Jonathan Fisher QC was shown the structure which he then described as containing a number of serious criminal offences.