Tuesday, 29 January 2013

you can call me Goldie

I know that this oligarch picnic that we
call the financial crisis is just a polite,
suit and tie shakedown by the oligarchs.

They're taking our money and our future
money in every way they can; usually
by buying our politicians.

Well, the leaders of this Devil's Brigade
are the ex-employees of Goldman Sachs.

They have taken over so many key spots that
it's hard to see why there isn't a worse crisis.

The Map of Goldman

Well, because it's a polite war, with
everything hidden in briefcases, I suggest
we hog tie those Goldman alumni and
brand them with a stamp that indicates
their provenance, on the forehead.

Or , since the police protect them so well,
perhaps we should simply refer to them
with the middle name 'Goldie' so that
we never forget that their past might
come back to haunt us.

Mark Goldie Carney          Bank of England
Mario Goldie Monti a.k.a.  
Mario 3-card Monti              Italy
Lucky Lucas Goldie Papademos  former technocrat  of Greece
Petros Goldie Christodoulou     Papademos economic lackie
[knows where the bodies are buried]
Mario Goldie Draghi                     ECB
Peter Goldie Sutherland               Ireland

just don't call them shady:

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