Saturday, 5 November 2011

the Mother of all excavations

Let rotting soldiers lie.
Research into WW1 discovers the truth about life as a soldier.
Dead ones to be interviewed. What'dya think they'd say on their last day?
God, it's great being human, isn't it?

I swear the BBC was announcing a sh*tload of money going to digging up the recent
bloody past, as if we haven't had enough documentaries.
I just can't find any proof on the net, so screw it.

Dead end, so to speak.

oddly, Merkel is hinting at war as the result of this fiscal meltdown, and Sarkozy is saying how the heart will be ripped out of the EU. Oh, the sky is falling!

this is the bloodiest, craziest crap I could find off those panty-waists
at Youtube

shell shock

trench ass

more Bodies
I want these guys in front of me in any war