Monday, 28 October 2013

captured the mafia's imagination

I don't know if you would expect anything from the
Daily Telegraph, which is only a few letters away
from the Daily Mail.

They reported Wonga's record earnings recently
and as if that wasn't enough, they write that
Wonga's interest rate is 5 853%, as if nothing
is going on.
At that rate, the owners of Wonga will soon
be dining at the Camerons' house.

So, what's the DT's conclusion? Well, they took
one look at the puppets from the tv ads and
opined that
"Wonga's advertising has 
captured the public's imagination"
[get stuffed]

Actually, they remind me of Thatcher

I'll bet they've irritated the mafia's dons because those kinds
of interest rates used to be illegal and thus in the mafia's
embrace. Tony the Spoon says "they're putting us out of bizness"