Saturday, 5 October 2013

Football cheering etiquette- Kinnock v Fulham

Neil Kinnock was at a soccer match to see his
favourite team. Unfortunately, he was in the "other
team's stands", so he was killed and dismembered.

Just kidding. He cheered what was the winning goal,
but that emotional man did so with too much vim
and vigour, thereby causing the other team's fans
to complain about the ungentlemanly conduct.

[Daily Fail, er Mail- Kinnock, 70+, being thrown out by a lady]
WTF? How could you be pissed off by such a kind-
looking old toad? "Well! It's our fooking stadium!"

You'd think that fans would have enough
cojones to withstand a little fidgeting and cheering.
But no, they're apparently a bunch of tea-and-crumpets
old ladies.

Checkit: Times
Stewards send Kinnock from stand after goal celebration
Kaya Burgess

 THIS is how it's done: