Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The year is yours, Emma Watson

This is my little jab at GQ and its style council.
It had a party that Noel Gallagher and Russell
Brand crashed, even though they were invited.

One of GQ's decisions was to grant Woman of
the Year honours to Emma Watson, she of Harry
Potter fame.

Now, I see that Emma, especially in the October
issue, has made herself into a fetching little sales unit.
She is making out of a thin, small, British frame,
a good argument for Stylish Woman of the Year,
but that's about it. Strike a pose. Look jaded.

If the editors like looking at her, then she's it.
She's not a supermodel, but nevermind.

I'm glad that she's a professional actress of some
talent and that her friends are taking the piss out of
her every time she slips up.

But her life is relatively carefree. Her biggest
 problem is that she hasn't got a house under her
name, and continues to rent a whole house, when
she has millions in the bank. Be still. my heart.

 At least she's not Dr. Tongue, over here:
[her paste-its are almost a bra]

Meanwhile, the Huff kicked the piss out of Emma
for her acceptance garb:

Just like GQ, Huff can be all about style and no substance

Checkit: Huff post

Emma Watson's GQ Awards Look Is Utterly Perplexing

Posted: 09/04/2013 8:26 am EDT | Updated: 09/04/2013 3:19 pm EDT
Perplexed expressions and tilted heads aren't exactly what we think Emma Watson was going for, but we're pretty sure she was met with some dumbfounded reactions to her outfit at last night's GQ Men Of The Year Awards.

The Balenciaga number, straight from the fashion house's Resort 2014 collection, featured black, pooling trousers and a white bandeau crop top with architectural sleeves. It was somewhere between Jessie J and American football player. The unconventional red carpet ensemble also reminded us of Kristen Stewart's two-piece Balenciaga look from her "On The Road" press tour last year -- and it gave us a stark reminder that ousted creative director Nicolas Ghesquière's subtle touches are no longer part of the brand's DNA.

The real GQ show: Russell