Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Aussie uni sexualising hi-jinx

Isn't a sex organ already, by definition, sexualised? I know
we're so post-modern that it hurts, but sex is
still the favourite passtime.

Isn't the naked biscuit the reason why we have clothes,
and community standards that some enforce
and others sneer at?

It seems that an Aussie university students' union rag
has got it arse-frontwards. the front of her backside, that is.

They posted a bunch of vaginas, labias to be exact, in
all their furry finery, and dared people not to sexualise
"alright. you made your point, now put those away"

They were so ugly, me having a raised expectation from porn,
that I'm pretty sure nobody would want to sexualise them.
They'll be running in the opposite direction, lest those
vags catch up with them.

The gals also said that the experience freed them and felt
good. They're so lonely that anyone looking proved a turn-on.
Lonely spinsters.
But they're not happy yet.
The panty-burning warriors for the rights of fugly chicks
dare us to calm our involuntary vomit reflex. Their mothers
were satisfied by burning their bras. I wonder what their
daughters will do, and I hope it involves wax.

I'll see if I can "scare up" the pictures.Sorry. Chickened out.
If you dare:
look below, way down. 

They're from Sydney U:

the name of the rag is honi soit and I'm guessing
that they're playing with the Aussie accent and the
real English of that is "Honey site".
Where all the honeys congregate. Back home, we used
the word "honeys" as a sarcastic label for totally lost,
wigged out, portly chicks. I'm not saying we were nice, I'm
just reporting.

It's like that time  in Canada when women tried to be allowed,
like men, to go topless. The gals who were interested in doing this
were similarly National-Geographic in their brutish fugliness.

Let's study the Honi philosophers in a Q&A style.

Q-Vaginas have become artificially sexualised :
A actually they're designed for sex,
so that's the first problem. So, it's not artificial.
Sexualising a cucumber is artificial.
Sex is one thing, and sexualising is another.
So, people are talking about vaginas, and that bothers these
young women. Well, I think it was women who created the
Vagina Monologues. We warned them that they were unleashing
undue sexualisation, but they wouldn't listen. Naomi Wolf wrote
a whole book about whether women are more vagina or clitoris.
She probably couldn't sense either of hers, so she had to write
a book.
Q-"We are tired of having to attach anxiety to our vaginas :
A joke: is a 5-speed, two-pronged dildo the solution to anxiety?
The anxiety is inbred when you're a lonely spinster with an
unkempt front garden (ironic, but, UKIP would call you "sluts").
Your normal sexual responses towards, say, your lecturers,
or a cylindrical vegetable are transmuted by the
fact that you wouldn't know a shwing if one smacked you on
the head.
You view sensual people as a threat because they
also bring anxiety to your dead vag.
As the movie "The Guru" says, people hide their
anxiety in their sex organs. So, you're doing it to yourself.

[at 0:10 cylindrical veg]

[the Guru on anxiety]

Q- vaginas are stigmatised (e.g. censorship). Don't say
my body offends you
A you can't have it both ways. Either we're talking about it,
which you hate, or we're covering up your anthropological
throwback of an erogenous zone, which you also hate.
I think the clinical decision is that these bushpigs are
Seriously F%^&ked Up.
They're philosophical nudists, in training.

Q what is offensive about a body part?
A It's not vulvas that are offensive. It's your vulvas that
are offensive, I tell you! It isn't anti-vulva sexualism, but
a quality judgement. Deal with it.
The uni knows that young adults do stupid
things that they'll probably regret. The security guards
see it every night in the dorms. The Uni are just over-protective.
I wonder if the Vulvas would feel the same aggressive
sense of Pussy Riot entitlement if their faces were placed
next to, or on top of their vulva snaps, on their student cards.

Why don't they do what lonely men have done since the
creation of the trenchcoat, and flash people as they go
through campus. Then, give them a ticket for reacting
badly, and a sickness bag. It'll be an experiment. You'll
get government funding.

For the cherry on top, I will reveal ancient labia art
that I found in a cave. What I mean to say is that
ancient societies worshipped the labia. We are willing
to worship the labia, and all is well. Just stop

Sydney University student newspaper Honi Soit pulled after placing vaginas on the cover

August 21, 2013 4:12PM

A UNIVERSITY student newspaper has been pulled from the shelves because of a controversial cover featuring 18 vaginas.
The editors of Sydney University's Honi Soit publication said they published the graphic edition in order to make a statement about how vaginas have become "artificially sexualised ... or stigmatised".
"We are tired of having to attach anxiety to our vaginas," the editors wrote in a lengthy Facebook post.
"We are tired of vaginas either being artificially sexualised (see: porn) or stigmatised (see: censorship and airbrushing".
The post continued: "Don't you dare tell me my body offends you."
Read more:


Are vulvas so obscene that we have to censor them?

Our student newspaper was taken off the shelves for showing vulvas. But what is offensive about a body part that over half of the world have?

• Warning: uncensored image at the end of the article
Hannah Ryan, Avani Dias, Mariana Podesta-Diverio and Lucy Watson
Thursday 22 August 2013 04.50 BST