Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The tattoo'd couldn't be more mundane

What could be more boring & suburban bourgeois than
going to a convention?

Well, tattoo freaks  and tatt artists are having
all kinds of them now, all of a sudden.

They're now part of
the Great Consumption Hunger Games
Shopping in confined spaces made
"just for them". Shopping when they don't have
money. Just like the rest of us. Bless them!

Commercial conferences are also designed for the
neophyte. Or, as they call them, in the tatt business:
"a clean slate"
"blank canvas"
"£300/sq. ft."
"corpula rasa"
"plain skin bag"
"from their mothers"
"prick virgins"
"boring covers, boring book"
If these conference-goers aren't freaked out by
some of the tatt-heads and their particularly
bizarre body culture, then they'll be gonners too.

 I think that's what does it for some normal people.
They are shocked, butt they need a
little spice in their lives. Then, their logical mind
kicks in and tells them "I'll get just one" and before
you know it, they stop conversation dead at every
family reunion. Actually, that might be a good thing.

I just think that tatts are stupid is as stupid does.
Don't be surprised if you end up being like a freak who
can only hang out with other freaks, 
because you'll have to change your world view
to accommodate most other tatt freaks.

the London International Tattoo festival. prepare
to be stunned.