Tuesday, 24 April 2012

another Tit-anic metaphor for the economy

Where were the common people kept, in the Titanic?
that is, except for Leo Di Caprio.

When the rich people did everything they could to point the ship at
an iceberg and do preparatory work so that the lowest possible
number of people would be saved, it was the common people
who ended up paying the true cost, because they were
locked in, below-deck, unable to escape from that
rich man's folly.

[there's your Tit-anic, Tits up]

How is that similar to today's financial crisis? Let me count the ways.

The rich crashed into the iceberg.
The workers crashed into the rich man's trap.

Thomas Jefferson-
I believe that banks are more dangerous to our liberties than
standing armies.
The rights … should be taken from the banks
and returned to the people where it properly belongs