Monday, 30 April 2012

Debtors' got Talent, a new gameshow

This is the plan for a talent competition which can run in any country,
but especially in Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy or Portugal.

There will be a weekly prize for the person who died with
the most (unsecured/poor quality) debt, in a country.
Bank loans, credit cards, mortgages with no second signer
or underwater mortgages.
Due to the times we live in, the maxim will change to
"whoever dies with the most debt, wins."
Prize name: All he left us was a LOAN

There will be another prize for the biggest personal bankruptcy.
Prize name: Pop goes the DEBT

In the case of Ireland, there will be an addition prize because
they cannot default on a house loan.
The country can default on its duties to the people, but anyway.
Prize name: Living Wake

These will celebrate bon vivants who
took life by the horns, and banks by the tail.
A decision to award the best political-style public suicide both for coverage
and for shock value has been cancelled.

As I said last year, healthy young people will become more
jealous of old f*ckers who had a good life, and then died.

Back in the old days, all that you needed for a life of ease was
to show up at work with short hair and not reeking of
alcohol or pot. You stayed in the same job for 35 years,
and had a party on your retirement, paid for by the boss.
The only risk was that you might die of boredom.