Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Youz got one o' my boyz, we got one of youz

Tit for tat is not just a mafia game.
It's also part of the Mass Media Deal with the Government

The Media, particularly the Sun (or any of Rupie Murdoch's rags)
gets to break the law and spy on people without being charged,
or embarrassed publically, or else the government will
get a zinger right back.

This is the reason why the Leveson Inquiry is a polite kangaroo court
and not a proper court case, with wigs and all.

Well, James Murdoch was put on the stand, yesterday, again,
and my guess is that he was not best pleased.
So, he decided to scalp both the Minister for Culture,
Jeremy Hunt, whose name is mispronounced on the BBC
regularly as C*nt, and his assistant.

Bang-bang. Capeesh?

IshitUnot:  Guardian (plus video)
Jeremy Hunt vows to clear name over News Corp's BSkyB bid - videoJeremy Hunt tells reporters he stands by his handling of News Corp's BSkyB bid, and brushes aside questions about his resignation. The culture secretary was speaking on Wednesday before his statement to the Commons. A dossier of emails published on Tuesday at the Leveson inquiry into press standards showed secret contacts over the bid, raising doubts about Hunt's impartiality