Friday, 20 April 2012

how not to copy Hitler

what was Hitler's favourite music? Don't listen to it.
what was Hitler's favourite way of anihilating a people,
slowly and painfully?
Don't do that, either.

A marginalised people, set up for annihilation
were walled into their land,
assaulted by bombs lobbed in, and picked at by vultures,
their possessions, including water taken away from them,
allowing nothing to get inside the walls, until they all starve.
Of course, I'm speaking of Gaza.

IshitUnot: Economist Intelligent life, winter 2007
story on Daniel Barenboim.
Further anger in Isr as Barenboim slips the prelude to ‘Tristan & Isolde’ into an Isr Festival concert as an unprogrammed encore, defying the longstanding taboo about playing Wagner (Hitler’s favourite composer) on Isr turf. When confronted with objections, he declares: ‘Wagner was not responsible for Auschwitz’