Saturday, 7 September 2013

Easter Island left us a Christmas present

This story is about extravagant
public works will provide for future generations a
view of how stupid extravagant public works are,
because they lead to the extinction of the society
that built them. That's the gift of Easter Island,
and the Egyptian pharaohs, but we'll excuse
them both because they left us some beautiful
monuments in barren landscapes.

Not so, the modern wind turbine.

Our addition to history can't even make work
for future generations of museum guides,
cuz they're ugly.

The monstrosity that is the large windmill generator

These are being forced upon people and places, and
even in protected natural environments because there
is EU money being thrown around.
So, Shell is in on this shell game.

I assure you that, firstly, the energy expended to
build, clear and erect 
them there is greater than any energy they'll ever
produce. But that by itself is no reason not to
re-allocate resources to a place with no other
energy source.

It's that they're unnecessarily big and they will be
impossible to remove without EU money. There are
smaller models with better blades. Notice how the
three big blades are almost smoothe, and heavy, so
you need 5 k winds just to get the things interested
in moving.
[they promote a smaller, better-looking turbine, but
I'm no expert. They do have a point though]

It's that these will cease to work in about 10 years
and the money will have dried up, and then some
nature reserves are gonna have the blight of 100s
of rusting, dangerous spinning white elephants
for all perpetuity.

The oligarchs've taken what is everybody's interest
in green energy, f$^%j=ked with it, made lots of
money, foisted on us these abominations (so that
we can fight one another discussing them), opened
up areas of natural beauty to further rape, and
given us these unsalvagable Easter Island monuments
to stupidity.