Sunday, 22 September 2013

this musht be shum great movie mishtake

I just watched part of a show called
Great Movie Mistakes IV. That means
it's the fourth one, folks!

I'm amazed that even one was produced. This
show picks through movies and finds discontinuities
anachronisms and stupid prop mistakes.

I've got several problems with this show:
Firstly, it takes an eagle eye just to catch the
problem, even with the help of the host.
That means only complete anoraks would
be sitting with binoculars trying to catch
Spielberg flubbing. I'll bet he's trembling.

Secondly, that the people who put the show on
felt this was important enough for a show, makes
me question the sanity of British tv nabobs.

Thirdly, it's a toss-up as what looks stupider,
the movie that's lampooned, or the lampooners
trying to lampoon.

Fourthly, I would not want to meet a person
who thinks that this sort of show is a worthy
passtime, let alone someone who enjoys the
hobby of catching movie mistakes.

Fifthly, a great movie mistake would be, like,
hiring Ben Affleck to play Batman.
Michael Keaton should have been ample
precedent for not hiring that type of actor.

The show Great Movie Mistakes does not show
any Great mistakes like that one.
There was a Yahoo piece, recently,
that I'll look for, that was
about casting mistakes. I think one was Liz
Taylor as Cleopatra. Apparently she was too
suburban America to be the sublime Egyptian
empress. She did however have a cold-bitch
Sixthly, if indeed Brits like this show, it sure
proves a lot about the neuroses they're famous
for. Perhaps they're just getting their geek on.
Perhaps they're taking the piss outta their own
neuroses. They can't help themselves so why
not send themselves up, as they say.

an example, with suitable nerd alert: