Saturday, 7 September 2013

the vice-regal tart in waiting

The Daily Telegraph, if it ain't promoting the Princess of
LongPins, it's promoting her sister. On Wednesday, they
posted her on the cover, talking about her crush on her
sports coach.
It was posted with the fetching foto:

If it ain't her buttocks in the paper, or her boobs, it's
the things that get her motor revving, and that's just
a euphemism for her fanny.

It's all the new royal family, keeping the prols frothing
with some tits and ass.
If you have the patience to read the story below, she
actually talks about her tits and ass. I'm no expert on
netball, but I don't think the tits and ass are vital
parts of a winning strategy. You're playing against
girls, first of all.

Back in my hometown, if you stood in front of everybody
and talked about what turns you on, it's like you're telling a
whole bunch of guys you want them stuffed into your
We called that a hosebeast.

So, before you Conservative boys knock one out of the
park, here's a message from Louis CK:

the problem with too much jacking off at 6:50 and onwards


Pippa Middleton reveals crush on 'undeniably fanciable' master

PIPPA MIDDLETON has put her old hockey master at Marlborough College on the spot by disclosing that she found him "undeniably fanciable" - just as he is starting work as headmaster of another private school.

The sister of the Duchess of Cambridge mentioned her crush on Richard Markham in an article for an independent schools supplement put out by The Spectator.

Markham, who taught Pippa and Kate Middleton history as well as taking hockey, is now 41 and begins work this week as headmaster of £14,379-per-year Hockerill Anglo-European College in Bishop's Stortford.

As the Daily Telegraph reports, "his attempts to impose himself on the pupils are unlikely to be helped by the recollections of his former charge".

Pippa, whose forays into journalism include articles for Vanity Fair and Waitrose Kitchen magazine, wrote her Spectator piece under the headline: 'Confessions of a sporty schoolgirl'.

She describes running in a cross-country race wearing "tiny athletic shorts" and "caked in mud from head to toe". On the netball court, she admits to having used her "derriere for defence" because "my 'chest' hadn't developed back then"....