Tuesday, 3 September 2013

You must be Jokering

I know. You're saying life is already weird. The stress.
The uncertainty. The bankers corn-holing politicians.
Sorry, but it's true.

Well, life just got that little bit stranger. Have you
ever wished you could smile, just to make some
more money, or to tolerate a colleague? Well,
you no longer have to worry about making the
effort. Some surgeons will paste a ready smile
on your sad sack of a face.

That reminds me of the whole metamorphosis of
the Joker, in that good Batman movie, with Jack

"Never rub another man's rhubarb"

[good point]

[...and rather meatheaded Michael Keaton. Compare the acting]

This Korean process is called Smile Lipting. I thought 
it was called that because Koreans can't pronounce 'f'.
Butt, it's actually a amalgam of 'lip' and 'lifting'.

[Aone Plastic Surgery]
checkit: the Atlantic
Surgery for a Permanent Smile
“Valentine anguloplasty”—surgical up-turning of the corner of the mouth—is having a moment in South Korea.
South Korea has long been a pioneer of human improvement through words ending in “-oplasty.” The country has helped paved the way for double-eyelid surgeries, dimple injections, calf reductions and even double-jaw surgery, to name a few.

Now South Korean plastic surgeons are taking on surgery that alters the appearance of emotion. Cosmetic tweaks like Botox have long minimized furrowed brows and frown lines. But a new technique called “Smile Lipt” carves a permanent smile into an otherwise angry face. The procedure, whose name combines “lip” with “lift”—get it?—turns up the corners of the mouth using a technique that’s a milder version of what Scottish hoodlums might call the “Glasgow grin.”...