Friday, 16 March 2012

black swan guy bets on a black swan candidate

Nasem Taleb is credited with crating a new noun:
a black swan= an unexpected event (look it up)

He has often spoken on television in the US about
financial issues, but not politics, until now.

He says it's his duty, as a citizen of the US,
to look critically at the Republican candidates.

He finds only Ron Paul is interested in stopping
the debt-based socialism for banks
that we're suffering through.

Of course, the powers will only allow their boy to win,
so Ron Paul has been sidelined from the beginning.

I think Paul should run as an independent, and scare
the sh*t out of the Republicans. So what if Obama gets
in for another term. The whole game from Congress upward
is corrupt. It can't get any more corrupt than it already is.