Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Pravda News Netvoork- Report of Money Czar

Our financial wizard tells public that he saved their
dirty arses. Why everybody hates him?
He is brilliant


we interrupt this broadcast to present the truth

[william banzai 7- zerohedge]

IshitUnot: Zerohedge
CTRL+SPIN 3: The Fed Propaganda Tour Live Re-Educates Us On Their Response To The Financial Crisis
Submitted by Tyler Durden on 03/27/2012 12:40 -0400
Today could be the day when all your beliefs and misconceptions of the great central banking machine are set straight. After explaining to us in the previous two lecture how the gold standard is just silly, why central banks are constitutionally awesome, and how the Fed almost single-handedly created the US since World War II, today's piece-de-resistance is Bernanke's take on his own response to the financial crisis. We are sure it will be thorough in its discussion of the massive and entirely hidden loans for nothing that were given to the banks, how they encouraged the risk-taking that led to it via their regulatory mis-controls, and removing MtM and unlimited free-money helped the world go around - all the while maintaining a strong-dollar policy inline with Treasury's apparent mandate. As far as Word-Bingo: Tweet if you hear the word 'Helicopter' or 'Printing Press' or 'Level 3 Assets are all worthless illiquid junk at best' and if Bernanke says 'CDO' more than 10 times, we all get an animated silver bear.