Wednesday, 21 March 2012

rubber vestments: what does it say about you?

I've written before about the bizarre nature of S&M, and how it's
mentioned as a sexual sub-culture. I don't think it has
anything to do with sex despite the fact that sex organs usually
feature in these activities.
The use of rubber clothing is often part of the 'behaviour'.

In this blurb, I want to discuss what it says about a person's
view of the world and his/her place in it. That's because
f$%^^&king is f%&king, so why dress up when the idea is
to get naked?

A one Johnny Rotten (nee' Lydon) seems to think that it's the height
of denial. You can't handle the world, so you retreat into a
bizarre ritual that makes a mockery of sex.

Although risque sex is often fun for normal people, the use of abuse
would be considered 'verbotten' or sick.
Well, S&M is built upon abuse as a method of 'sexual' arousal.
The sadists want to abuse and the masochists want to be abused.

Top 10 S&M phrases:
4 I have a small weeny
3 I deserve to be abused
2 you've been a bad boy
1 beat me, hurt me

If you've seen the Julien Temple documentary, and I recommend it,
you'll see that Johnny is making this comment to denigrate the
ridiculous shop of Malcolm McLaren, on the Kings Road, where
the Sex Pistol members all met.

IshitUnot: from "The Filth & the Fury"

Lydon: “Fascinating how people can get themselves into such a predicament that they only way they can have sex is in a face mask and a rubber t-shirt, with a bullock weight. How does it become that way. It becomes like that for you because you just cannot face reality.”