Monday, 26 March 2012

Sex. it's your choice

in some cultures, there is pressure to have a child of a particular
That means that nowadays, in the UK, they're using doctors and
ultrasound to decide whether to abort a fetus, and having the
country's healthcare system pay for their choice, even though
it's illegal.
I wonder what they did to select the gender before ultrasound.
Tapping of the belly?
Going to a gypsy fortune-teller?
Taking it out and smashing it against some rocks?
Leaving it for the vulture to eat (Zoroastrian family planning)
Sorry, I’m just trying to think of the most visually shocking thing
a mammal could do its offspring. What kind of heartless piece
of fecal matter could reject its own kid?
That's why I think this Sex Pistols song kicks the piss out of
people who take abortion lightly.

"she lived in a tree"
"she was a bloody disgrace"
"she was an animal"

I'm not going to stand in the way of abortion, speaking practically.
I think it is the woman's choice.
It's just f^&*king sad that it has to come to that.
It is murder, of a sort. of a potential genius.
One drunken roll in the hay and BOOM! you're a murderer.
It's your life. your conscience.

But, I'm not losing too much sleep over it.
1 Freakonomics seems to have shown that unwanted kids often
end up as police statistics. Feeling unwanted is really awful.
What kind of life would it be if that person would tend
to fill the gap in the soul with drugs, alcohol, crime,
bad documentaries (big up to Kony 2012)

2 kids (and other people) die regularly in many countries
of preventable 'problems' all the time.
The stats in the Third World are shocking.

That doesn't mean that I give my money to charities, because
that money goes into rental of office towers in London (£££££)
and executive pay and wine and cheese.

Look at how common death is in the animal kingdom. It's random
selection of the weak, and the unlucky. So go humans.

If you think I'm crude, have you tried to stop any wars recently?
I didn't think so. Go back to your tvs and get over your
hypocrisy. If you want to help, go to Africa in person.
Otherwise, your opinion doesn't count.