Monday, 5 March 2012

It's easy to talk socialism when you're rich

However, I still don't see many comedians taking the side of the
downtrodden in the way that Chris Rock does. He doesn't have to care
and most of his audience don't care, either. Except for me.

It's easy to forget his righteous message when you're laughing so hard.

I'll post a few U-tube segments to show you what I mean,
but one of my favourites is this one liner:
boss (talking to employee): I'd pay you less but that would be illegal.
I think you have to have worked minimum wage to find that funny.
Insurance is actually 'in case shit' "if shit don't happen, shouldn't
I get my money back?". (at 1:30)

when's the last time anybody talked about people getting ripped
off wholesale by the charity/medical cure bullshit?
"the money's on the medicine"
"government is drug dealers on the comeback"
car scam "can but won't build a car that lasts"
"get you to live with [a disease]"