Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Let's take back the word holocaust, and apply it to bankster crimes

In an interview with the Observer newspaper, a fellow
named Lanzmann said that holocaust is not the right
word for what the Nazis did. The word was created
by Americans and British people, perhaps advertisers.

He thinks that SHOAH is the right word
shoah (Hebrew)=catastrophe/calamity

In much the same way that the Palestinians use the word
NAKBAH- catastrophe (caused by ?)

So, I want to take the opportunity to take the word
back and use it somewhere else.

It's rather ironic that the word is constructed of two concepts.
Holo+ caust, with caust meaning 'fire'.

Well, wouldn't it be the height of irony for the financial sector
to be called the F.I.R.E.
Finance, Insuranc and Real Estate.

That gives us a new version of the word: Holo+FIRE.

holoFIRE= the complete destruction of the normal economy,
caused by financial shenanigans.

more soon

IshitUnot: The Observer
the new review
Sunday 4 march
the man who stood witness for the world
Ed Vulliamy
P15 Which brings us to the matter of the greatest film of all time. “Holocaust” says Lanzmann, “is an improper word, an inappropriate word. I tis an invention of the Americans and British. The appropriate word is Shoah [the Hebrew for catastrophe or calamity].”