Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tony Blair's head was too big for the UK

You don't say?

When you make jokes like the ones below, you're only part joking.
Really, what you're doing is saying:

"I'm the king of Bananistan. Get me outta this sh*thole"

I always knew him as a humble man, and so is his Man Friday,
Alistair Campbell. Choirboy, with 'memoires'.

IshitUnot: Guardian

Campbell on … Blair's distress at little Britain
Saturday 21 June 1997 G8 summit, Denver
TB said it was clear he had the chance to be a major player and that gave us a great opportunity. "It's just a shame Britain is so small, physically." I said we needed a bigger-Britain policy, and we then joked around about taking over Denmark, Belgium, then France. Joking aside, I warned him against world-leader-itis, said all this stuff was hugely important, but we mustn't lose sight of the domestic, never. We were walking around in a little bubble, surrounded by heavies, which underlined literally how easy it would be to get out of touch.

Sunday 22 June
On the plane I was winding up TB on his bigger-Britain plans. "I wonder if we could get India or China. Maybe both. Britain would be so big then."