Saturday, 12 May 2012

don't Menschun it, please

It's not bad enough that Louise Mensch is getting
a stinking reputation as a lackey for the Murdochs,
but she has to go and prove herself to be
bereft of morals, when the topic isn't even her beloved rich friends.
See how the Louise slays the Leveson, in defense of the
Ruppie Monster:

See how Twitter brings out our true selves.
140 characters are more than enough for LM to represent her morals:

favourite twitter feeds (Guardian):

Piers Morgan?
Chutzpah (translation to normal English)
= will stomp on anyone's rights
& lie like a rug
When he was editor of the Daily Mirror, he did much
the same as the Murdochs, hacking voice mail and the like. He's
a known slime-ball, even by those who don't want to know him.
Nice choice, Weezy.

IshitUnot:  Press Association
..Morgan gave Paxman 'hacking lesson'  [I think LM was there]

Press Association – 2 hours 50 minutes ago....
Jeremy Paxman has claimed that Piers Morgan, pictured, showed him how to access other people's voicemail messages
....Former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan once told Jeremy Paxman how to access voicemail messages, the Leveson Inquiry has heard.

Newsnight anchorman Mr Paxman said he attended a lunch at Mirror headquarters in Canary Wharf in September 2002 where Mr Morgan teased Ulrika Jonsson about her relationship with former England football manager Sven-Goran Eriksson, saying he knew about a conversation they had.

Mr Paxman said Mr Morgan explained to him how to access people's phone messages after teasing the Swedish television presenter about the conversation.

Mr Paxman told the inquiry: "He turned to me and said 'Have you got a mobile phone?'

"I said yes and he asked if there was a security setting on the message bit of it. I didn't know what he was talking about.

"He then explained the way to get access to people's messages was to go to the factory default setting and press either 0000 or 1234 and that if you didn't put on your own code, his words, 'You're a fool'."