Thursday, 24 May 2012

time to roll out Plan B

Plan A was for the government to provide loans to the banks,
at a rate of 0.5%. We were told that this would allow banks
to lend to the REAL economy. Instead banks kept on
in their gambling ways,
because lending to Joe Cornerstore leaves no room for
profits-through-fraud that banks are so accustomed to.

So,this week Christine Lagarde of the IMF said that
if planA fails to pump up the economy
then go for Plan B
Even cheaper money
that would be radical? or just more of the same?
Plan B will end up causing more ill manors amongst society,
like in the video below.
any bankers willing to bet me?

IshitUnot: Telegraph.
by Aldrick.
The BoE should cut interest rates, print more money and
ease the regulatory pressure on banks as part of a
radical set of measures to return Britain to recovery,
the International Monetary Fund has urged.