Friday, 25 May 2012

A slow day at the museum? Pull out your dick

I know that you can't really have a display at any gallery that
doesn't include something of humanity within it. However, when
I think of Science, Technology and sex, all I can conjure is
sex toys, or growth aids. William Banzai 7 found this old ad:

I've already mentioned how there's an S&M museum,
but at least it was up front and honest perversion.
But, a sci/tech museum tried to spice things up with a bit
of the "arts". It was probably a Business grad on staff who
saw this as a way to get notoriety. It worked.

Maybe they wanted to discuss the mechanics of masturbation. Sorry, folks.
That display was closed due to complaints.

IshitUnot: CBC News
Sex exhibit at sci-tech museum causes furor
Age limit raised and animated masturbation video removed after complaints
Posted: May 17, 2012 7:54 AM ET Last Updated: May 17, 2012 12:07 PM ET Read 186 comments186
Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition was originally produced in Quebec for the Montreal Science Centre.
Should a sex exhibit be pulled from Ottawa's science museum? Canada's Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa has raised the age limit for admission to a controversial sex exhibit after dozens of complaints about the content. As well, animated video informing children about masturbation has been removed.
The moves followed complaints about the exhibit called Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition.
"The museum has received a higher-than-expected amount of expressions of concerns from the public," spokesman Yves St-Onge told Reuters.
“We take the feedback of our community seriously, and so we have carefully considered their suggestions, and taken appropriate action that we believe will best serve our audiences."
Heritage Minister James Moore's office said he saw the exhibit this week and also "expressed concerns" to the museum's president.
Moore's spokesman, James Maunder, said the purpose of the Museum of Science and Technology is to foster scientific and technological literacy.
"It is clear this exhibit does not fit within that mandate," Maunder told CBC News. "Its content cannot be defended, and is insulting to taxpayers."
The age of admission has been raised to 16 from 12.
Should the sex exhibit be cancelled? Take our survey.
The exhibit was originally produced for the Montreal Science Centre.
The Institute for Marriage and Family Canada, which visited the show last week, also complained, saying it believes the "erotic and titillating" exhibit doesn't belong in a museum.
Dave Quist, the institute's director, said the exhibit approves and promotes anal sex, multiple partners and sex without emotional and marital commitment.[A SLOW SUMMER]