Wednesday, 23 May 2012

crony capitalism's muppets and baren islands

When we know that the crony capitalism of today is
mis-handling the lives of millions of people, it also is
becoming clear that the oligarchs are laughing at us too.

They use plans to "save" and to "bail out" countries that
are designed to keep their fornicating rodeo going.
Well, one of their plans to save Greece,
by selling most every public asset (at 70 to 90% off)
written by Greece's Alpha Bank and the Rothschilds
 is called
unfortunately, Delos is also the name of a Greek island,
a baren outpost, next to Mykonos,
that was never inhabited, but used as a trading post
for Greek nations and others. 
It's just ironic because it symbolises "business" but not "life",
that it's baren and uninhabited. Why use that symbol unless
you're having a laugh?

IshitUnot: from News 247 (Goog translated)
The confidential report and "sellout" of public property - 2 hours 58 minutes ago ....
Exposé .... codenamed "Delos II" for the project of selling of public assets
has been released by a candidate member of LA.OS, Costas Kiltidis.
The report has been prepared by Alpha Bank and Rothschild
as advisers are among the public in a series of plans for
privatization of public assets to be divested.

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