Thursday, 31 May 2012

racism is like monkeys throwing their feces around

Half the time, I think that racists are evil, and it's more about
their reaction to their environment. They're knob-headed idiots
who know no better way to let the pressure they feel in society
(due to their stupidity) than to try to put someone beneath them
in the world pecking order.

The rest of the time, life tells the racist that he (& often she)
is on the bottom of the pyramid of life.

Racist still hurts, for a good long time.
And, get this: I'm not even from a visible minority.
But, oddly, I often enough get a taste of what the sting feels like.

I was just walking one day, minding my own business. I hear a few
young German-speaking women coming up behind me. I turn to look,
because I know a bit of the Teutonic tongue, so to speak.
What do I get in return? One, with light brown hair makes
monkey noises at me.
Now, my first impression was that it was racist, but I'd never
heard it before.
Recently, on the radio, there was mention of the racism
in Polish and Ukrainian football stadiums, including monkey chants.

I played the event back in my head and even though it was too late
to get back at them, I felt somebody had to pay. I've since calmed down.
And I realise that they're just losers.

Another time, a couple of years ago, I walked past to German blonds,
and I heard one say to the other "schwartzer, haha" (Black person).
Again, idiots just doing what they do because they can't handle life.
If that's what they do for laughs, then they're pretty sick puppies.

You've guessed that I have dark hair, but it's not the darkest I've seen.
So, I'm left scratching my head. If they "pick on" me, they'll pick
on anybody who isn't like them. It's probably their reaction to
the jealousy they feel because of those they see as better than them.

It's very often blonds who think they're something special. I wrote
a piece a couple of years ago about how brunettes are amazing
because they don't have this superior attitude. Instead, they
have much more personality. So, I'm biased too.

Here's how you get back at blond racist women. Just shout
"Kate Windsor. Dutchess of Cambridge, baby. Eat that, bitch!"