Monday, 21 May 2012

If people have no political voice, the artists move in

It's clear that , without internet-based media, we wouldn't know anything
about what our oligarchs are doing with our economy.
Robert Peston, of the BBC, besides being an obfuscating, whiney-voiced
apologist for the banks, has actually been reading. Here, he tells Guardian
readers about his favourite Twitter feeds. This is where he gets all his
inside info, and then proceeds to NOT tell the British public anything
that might upset his masters in the UK government:

Yes, Robert. The Truth on zerohedge, is usually unpleasant, and yes,
you should feel patronised because you think you know it all.
You decide what the UK public learns, and you create their sense
of reality, and you see to belive in the pablum of
"don't worry. the oligarchs really love us"
but obviously ZH is proving you wrong, every single day.

Now, we know everything but are stuck because
we cannot respond effectively,  as a group.
the 99%, in other words
where we see Ruppie Murdoch's papers hacking into
 people's e-mails and voicemails, we think
"gee, somebody should go to jail."
Instead of a court case, we get an Inquiry (cue the morbid piano music).
Everybody swans in and get's patted on the head by Louise Mensch,
especially if they've overseen criminal activity.
Enter the DJ:

When we see what the banksters have done, we think, "they're gonna
blow the whole economy up.
 Shouldn't somebody go to jail?"
Should the de-fuck-toe central bank of the US be the Fed,
whose board of directors is the who's-who of Wall Street bankers.
e.g. God's gift to banking, Lloyd Blankfein.
Instead we get governments changing the laws, ex post fuck-toe.
Enter the Pied Piper "F^%&*k the Fed"