Saturday, 12 May 2012

File under: Just f^&*k off, alright?

In the Evening STANDARD of 19 APRIL,2012, Madonna, 
the eggregiously rich lady was reminiscing about her days living in London,
under the guise of being married to a director, named Ritchie.
When she was asked “WHAT DO i MISS LEAST?"
she exclaimed: "THE CONGESTION charge”
This charge is for any car (with some exceptions, like electric cars)
going into London. It's £8 a day. It's designed to get people to think
about now polluting the city, and taking public transport.
Except that "what's 8 quid to a rich bitch?"
It won't stop her driving, but she will still complain, just because.
She didn't have to go through a toll. It was all charged automatically,
if you had some money in your bank account.
And, it's not as if they told her to fold herself into a Smart or
an electric milk float. She was swanning in, in some Merc or limo,
that would qualify as 2 cars, to most of us.
It's really awful to force an old lady, who falls down and can't get up,
and flashes her crotch to anyone who's stupid enough to look,
to take the bus, in London town.
Let's cut to the video evidence:

So, just f%&k off back to wherever.

Madonna's net worth-
over 500 million dollars.