Friday, 19 October 2012

now, young thief, you have become a man

What is clearly missing from Western society is a rite of passage
ceremony, amongst most peoples.
We know they exist in the Jewish faith, and in many societies
in Africa. I've seen the documentaries.

In this day and age, young men are entering a world where
none of the traditional male qualities are prized, in public
life, unless you happen to join an
army or rebel cause or terrorist group,
like the US army. Then you can be male.
Or, if the high-paid women in the porn industry need
a meat puppet, then you can be male.

So, young guys need a rite of passage. It used to be that
in Greece, fathers would take their sons to the (legal)
brothels to bust their cherry. Load shot: job done.
Nowadays, guys can get that for free, easily.
Still, they need a rite.

People are strange.
We need ceremonies for many things that are bizarre.
Graduation. Marriage. Death (you're dead. why the expense?)

Becoming a man is a very important thing to celebrate.
However, parents are too busy and they don't take old-fashione
cultural anthropology ideas seriously. That's their own fault.
They say "oh, we're too modern for that".

A couple of young guys took it upon themselves to fund
that rite of passage, in Germany. And it brought a permanent
smile to their faces. It would.
They must have bid on the right cathouse.
Never been to the hookers myself, but I get it.
It beats the palm sisters, as long as you're wearing a raincoat.

Strip clubs are a good substitute, but where's the ceremony? It should be like a birthday party, at a restaurant.
On the mega-mike:
"Tonight, little Jimmy starts his journey into manhood"
with a rousing sing-song to go along
with his first table-dance.

chuckle away:
Boy, 14, sells mother's jewels for brothel visit
Published: 9 Oct 12 09:13 CET
Two 14-year-old German boys have been charged with stealing €3,000 worth of jewellery from one of their mothers, to pay for a visit to a brothel. Police said the boys were still grinning as they were being questioned.
•Sex appeal 'weaker than power of internet' - National (6 Oct 12)
Caught in a "delirium of hormones," as a police statement on Monday put it, the two boys got only a tenth of the value of the jewels when they sold them to a canny gold dealer.
"With their proceeds of €300, the pair didn't just buy pizza, kebabs, and have a game on the fruit machines," police spokesman Ralf Minet said. They also paid two visits to a brothel in the red light district of Karlsruhe, southwest Germany.
Buoyed by the night's experiences, “one could still see a delighted smile on the faces of the thieves during their interrogation," Minet's statement said.
"But the little rascals' smiles, who are not unknown to the police by the way, disappeared soon enough, especially because they will have to pay for the reversal of the transaction out of their pocket money," he added.
The boys are to be charged for theft.