Friday, 5 October 2012

feminism and girls of 30

Working on a theory about why grown women
call themselves "girls."
I know that I'm a neurotic guy, but I grew up
hoping to get to know some awesome
women, and date women, and bed women.

Now, all these supposed women have concluded
that they are girls. not women. Is it just a word?

Let's forget the pedophile misinterpretation that
would go unnoticed. e.g.
"I've bagged dozens of girls"
This guy might like his girls the same as his
favourite scotch: 12 years old.
Enter Jimmy Saville. So big was this guy that they
had to wait until after his death to destroy his image.
He was a life-long pedophile, while being a tv star
(if you look at him and you're not British, his fame
needs quite some explaining) and the godfather of
the DJ thing. Nobody ever stopped him. Not ONCE!
In his dressing room, he was getting down to it!

I think I know the reason for the Girl thing.
Feminism has been a good
force, in general, for women. It has liberated them
so that they want to leave the house, making it
easier for them to engage in free sexual activity.
a win-win situation
However, they have harped on stuff for so long,
and the man-hatred has been excessive because,
I'm not holding women back, unless they like bondage.

So, I think that many level-headed people have decided
that the word "woman" has been so much linked with
bra-burning feminism that they want to use the term "girl"
I try to use gal, with a straight face, in the hope that
people will think I'm 'interesting' rather than stuck in
the 1940s.

Zoo-ey Duschanel really plays up the girly thing.
You could look at her antics and say "I knew a girl
like grade school."

Let's cut to the New Girl video:

[sidetrack, please: I have met these types of women. They use you to keep themselves aroused, or entertained, and then they won't touch you. Fucked up. I've been made into a fluffer once to often. But, no more]

checkit: Telegraph
Metropolitan Police to assess Jimmy Savile abuse claims
Scotland Yard has taken charge of looking into the growing number of sexual abuse claims made against the By Martin Beckford, Home Affairs Editor
7:38PM BST 04 Oct 2012
The Metropolitan Police announced it would take the “national lead” in assessing the allegations after more than a dozen women from across Britain came forward to say they had been molested by the television presenter.

A detective will lead a team from the Met’s child abuse investigation command, who will contact all the alleged victims and work with the BBC.

Other potential victims are being encouraged to contact their local police forces or the children’s charity NSPCC for support, in the wake of an ITV exposé of Savile that was watched by 1.9million people.

However Scotland Yard insisted it had not opened an official investigation into the Radio 1 DJ and Top of the Pops star, who died last year aged 84.

The Met said in a statement: “The Metropolitan Police Service has today, Thursday 4 October, agreed to take the national lead in assessing the recent information regarding allegations made against the late Jimmy Savile.

“The assessment will be undertaken by the Serious Case Team of the Met's Child Abuse Investigation Command under the leadership of Detective Superintendent David Gray.

“Our priority will be to ensure a proportionate and consistent policing response putting the victims at the heart of our enquiries. It is too early to say how many individual allegations there are, and we will be making contact with all those concerned in due course. It is not an investigation at this stage.

“We will be working closely with the BBC investigations unit.

“Anyone else with information is urged to make contact with their local police so that any further information can then be passed to us.”

It came as the BBC pulled two archive editions of its chart show from television schedules, because they had been presented by Savile.

A spokesman for the corporation said it was appropriate to “postpone” the broadcasts while allegations against the former star remained a “live issue”.

So far more than a dozen women have claimed that Savile forced himself on them when they were teenagers, sometimes on BBC premises. The singer Coleen Nolan has also said that he asked her to join him at a hotel when she was just 14. .....