Monday, 22 October 2012

Striply come unclothed

The burlesque competition.

I got this idea seeing how the 84-year old host
of Strictly come dancing, in the UK,
is getting so excited by the chicks falling into
his lap that he has to take a week off. I don't
watch, but I was channel surfing past and saw
him "accidentally" grab the breast of one
surprised dancer. That beats the tea lady in the
senior's home, any day.

Lucky bastard.

Then, his time off story comes in the newspaper,
with a pic, and another gorgeous chick is falling
into his arms.
Anyway, as much as I hate contribed contests,
I've always been fond of burlesque. We fans don't
actually need a competition, but London needs
more burlesque. The Paris company with
the cowboy name, Crazyhorse, has come to the

They've got their website

and their nightly show. I think I'll check it some day soon.