Sunday, 28 October 2012

He's anxious to kill & he approves this message

CHUCK was shaking when  he talked about God being kidnapped
by Obama after the next election.
I think that he's got a neurological problem, or he just
can't wait to kick ass. LOOK at the man.
He's looking kinda scrawny.

let's cut to the video:

Read 'em: Letter to Zerohedge-


That moron [CHUCK] Norris doesn't even have a clue they exist!

That idiot should keep his yap shut -- he was Mental Category Four when he served in the USAF (lowest acceptable mental category for the military back then) and he's only gotten dumber since!

For chrissakes, if these douchetards don't know anything about finance, economics or poli. sci. they would best STFU already.

Thankfully, I've yet to ever pay for an Eastwood move or a Norris movie, and never plan to in the future.

Geez, Louise, I can't stomach how stupid these half-assed Hollywood types are.