Friday, 19 October 2012

Troika Minister of Funny Walkabouts

I happen to know that the Minister of Silly Walks is a
Monty Python sketch that was based on the
ridiculous marching that Greek soldiers (dressed
in traditional garb) do around the parliament.

Well, now that those guards have failed to guard the
country from invasion by the Troika, as scouts for
Brussels direct rule, the job of walking funny falls
to the Troika.

Greece is on the verge of going bankrupt, or needing
a bailout just about every second week. The Troika
comes to check on things, in order to get Greece
in shape.
However, nothing ever improves in Greece and the
Troika has to make up a new reason why Greece
is a "bad boy, but improving", so that it can
"trick" the markets into giving the EU just one
more chance. It's led to the Troikanaughts
being unable to get where they're going.

They're wobbling, and wandering around and
through gyms in central Athens. Funny walking indeed.
Have they tried the Retsina?

This is Paul Thomsen of the Troika, getting lost in Athens:

notice the Joe Weider sign [watch out youtube, it's Greektube, with mascot]

this would have a proper opportunity for a Police Academy moment,
wherein the members of the gym string up Thomsen by the balls.
Alas, Greeks are too polite.

checkit & chuckle: from Goog-translated
[I'll correct it later]
Look! they've drilled Thomsen!
[a GR expression using the word for "gym". get it?]
Smuggled into the wrong building! -
Instead of leading him to the Ministry of Labour,
they put him in the gym!
From | NewsIT - 22 minutes ago ....
- All this to avoid about 50 disabled who had gathered outside the Ministry of Labour
- They planned an entire enterprise, with 6 cops, for their escape!
- Protesters were booing the "troikanous" & 2 others who arrived earlier
- He completed the meeting with I.Vroutsi

Only tragicomic can we describe what happened just before 12 around the Labor Department where the troika had an appointment with Mr. Vroutsi. About 70 disabled people had gathered outside the Ministry and chanted slogans. Even booed Matty Morse, one of the three emissaries of the troika.
So, for fear of the Jews, it was decided the most recognizable, the k.Tomsen to enter through the back door. So now erected across from the safety of k.Tomsen to enter the building safely. However, they made a small mistake and 6 "guardians" of troikanou, put him in a gym instead of entering the ministry.
Other two Troika who did not follow the same path with k.Tomsen disapproved by protestors.
Preceded by a meeting of Labour minister with the American ambassador.
Lenders require new arrangements in the private sector. Mainly time rubber with reinforcement of managerial prerogative, can say the employer for some time to employ extra staff hours instead of overtime which will provide part-time and later for the corresponding period.
So it is not only the increase in the age limit. The troikanoi calculated the benefit to just 500 million and so ... want even more.
The troikanoi also seeking a further reduction in the minimum wage, and the abolition of automatic increases through mandates. Any increases troikanoi say will not come automatically but only after negotiation between employee and employer.
On the other hand, the ministry counter freezing the minimum wage at current levels and discusses (maybe) reduction increases by three years.
Today also fell on the table with the troika whole package of measures to:
General increase retirement age to 67 years, increasing the threshold year retirement at 20 years, reducing the main and auxiliary pension installments over 1,000 euros from 1% to 15% reduction in the takeover by 20-30% in 22 Funds and repealing gift, cut the pensions of unmarried daughters (ceiling at 720 euros), and the abolition of EKAS under 65.