Friday, 26 October 2012

Plebs and the London police

[daily mirror]

I don't know why, but I'm gonna come to the defense of
a Conservative minister, a whip no less, when I hate
UK Conservative politics for obvious reasons and I
have written in the past about how anti-democratic
and frankly sado-masochistic the role of the whip is,
in a political party.

However, the London cops can be bastards.

I once had a run-in with their nazi tactics myself. I was
dressed for a consulting job and just minding my own
business going into an Underground tube station.

As I get to the gate to swipe my Oyster card, I see a
cop with a massive slobbering dog waiting for me. The
cop was making like nothing was going on, but I had
no other way of getting past.

I get through the gate and the cop allows the dog
within millimetres of my clean clothing, sniffing
for you-know.
The cop was pulling on its leash so the dog was on
his hind legs with his front legs flailing wildly, I suppose
trying to scare me.
I could see this easily descending into
a game of Paw and Slobber, with my as the target, so
I said "oh, for f*ck sakes"

So, the cop pulls me aside. In a tone reminiscent of an
interrogation, he says some crap and then asks me
if I insulted his dog. I said no. Luckily I hadn't because
he could have written me up. I just cursed into the air.
cursing my fate.
I discovered afterward from friends that actually they
can write me up for cursing in public. What a f$%&*king
country. They haven't got enough to do, and they
write out cursing tickets.

I've also taken part in lawful marches and had the route
surrounded by cops who insulting me and others, because
apparently cops as organs of state repression believe
that we should all be in favour of unlawfully killing Iraqis,
which I am not.
They also sent horses amongst us for extra oppression.
What if it bolts and flattens people?
The omnipresent cameras also made us famous, for
no reason.

So, I kinda see what that Mitchell fella was on about.
Anyway, he lost his job. Who cares. Bring on the
next piece of meat.