Sunday, 21 October 2012

Rest in Pieces

A new club idea is mooted.
a club which deals with the fact that many people don't have a very
human fear reflex, causing their own mind to attack their very
instinctual desire for survival.

Said in plain terms, humans have a fear reaction commonly
called "flight or fight" that stood us in good stead when
animals could readily kill us, in the wild.
We have tried so hard with technology and banking to
separate ourselves from dirt and danger that we no
longer have the fight or flight reaction (or the germ defenses)
as we once did.

So , our bodies turn against us. I think this is the basis of
most phobias and probably suicide.

This is why more fun is required, dangerous fun. Car racing,
bungey jumping, sky-diving.

You could join, while being suicidal and find that , if you
survive, you'll start enjoying life because you've got
a healthy dose of excitement; fear-based-excitement.
more later