Friday, 1 June 2012

The Greek vote. a futile gesture?

As is being made quite clear, by the IMF and Christine Lagarde
(the over-baked bagette with floss for hair)
the ECB
Barosso (unelected ball-scratcher)
the Troika (Shock troops of the NWO)
As it is apparent to me and many others, Greece is actually the mouse that roared.
If Greece leaves the Euro, mayhem will ensue. So, that means the Troika  can
not pressure Greece, or it will be harming its own bosses, the bankers.
Tsipras, the Syriza leader, has basically said so, with an air of blackmail.
Does this mean that the Troika is going to bring out the heavy weapons?
Until they do, Greece will be living its Arab Spring, having the feeling that 
they have the world around their little finger. It seems like a stunt,
considering what sore-kneed felatio-artists the New Demo and Pasok
politicians have been, bending to the Troika's every demand. Those
old corksuckers are joining in the international wailing about Armageddon
that will ensue, encouraging everybody to wake up and smell the napalm.

Syriza has already seen the napalm. The police throw it around Syntagma
like it's air freshener. The internal war has begun. Syriza will just be
helping the public thumb their noses at the Paper Nazis running the country.  
On the one hand, the election could become a victim of fraud, as the whole
EU superstructure wants ND to win.

On the other, whether or not Spain explodes before the Greek election,
I think Spain will Spexit before Greece Grexits.   
From the Think Tank (ex-Drunk Tank):  First Bluto & then Otter (1:55)

"We could use conventional weapons. That could take years and cost millions of lives. This situation really requires a futile and stupid gesture so large... we’re just the guys to do it.