Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Geography of Cambridge: mostly flat

In studying the geography of Britain, it's important to
also analyse the body of a person
who was given the name of a geographical area.
In fact, she was given that name as a symbol of
the fact that she is directly ruling that place.

As with Cambridge, the topography
 is mostly flat with intermittent small mounds.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who, as a mortal was
known as Kate sth Middleton, is now inextricably
linked to Cambridge. That is until her and hubby
get to be the lords of Wales. Has anybody asked
the Welsh?

I think it's special that this generation of the royle family
has been even more embarrassing than Charles III (Tamp)
and Diana, the Queen of Minx. BTW, her illegitimate son...

Harry is a party dick. Kate is topless. That's value for money.
That's more than bread and circuses. It's the modern
version: tits and ass.

The royles don't work for their income.
Therefore, they're welfare mooches. But this welfare
is gold-plated.  And so, they could be mistaken for
greedy, lazy entitlement monkeys.

So, I had to laugh when the official spokes-idiot on the
BBC mouthed the angst of the Cambridges, saying
"The Closer magazine must have been motivated by greed."
As always, takes one to know one.