Monday, 4 June 2012

Greece is just the mezze. Merkel wants the Steppes

Is it just a woman with bad sense of direction, or a certain
nationalistic furvour for lebensraum?
You figure it out. Here's Merkel's geography lesson, gone bad:

She thought Germany was well within the borders of Russia, and for a while it was,
in 1941.

Russia's response, via Zerohedge in cyrillic:

фак иу...ви ар гоинг ту ентер ЕУ

translation: "F^&k you. Ve (we) are going to enter EU."
[If you can read Russki letters, it reads like English words]

Seems eerily similar to when Bush43 used to go to schools
and struggled to read his favourite kids’ book.
I mean he liked kids’ books, and still couldn’t read them.