Thursday, 21 June 2012

Scarpe Diem, part4- Crazy Spanish politicians. Ole'

Crazy Spanish politicians is what the Shoe-throwing index need.
They are delusional and not a little nationalist. Ole'

I know that this is just the perspective of people from outside
Spain, but their politicians seem crazy.
PM Rajoy was telling the FINMin to hold out and not accept
the bailout, out of national pride.
So, they're the 4th biggest Euro economy. Who cares?
The only thing I know is that they're being chopped up into
Tapas De Banco


So It Was Blackmail, Eh?
Now this is amusing.... and not surprising.
    According to El Mundo, Spanish PM  Mariano Rajoy sent a stunning text message to FinMin Guindos prior to the  bailout negotiations.
    He said, according to El Muno editor  Pablo Rodriguez: "Resist, we are the 4th power of the EZ. Spain is  not Uganda."
    Translation: We're a major power, not some random IMF-case banana  Republic.
    The followup message (according to Google  translate) "if you want  to force the redemption of Spain will prepare 500,000  billion euros and  another 700,000 for Italy, which will have to  be rescued after  us."