Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Scarpe Diem, part 3 Spain steps forward

Spain is now on that slippery slope known as
Bailout escarpment, heading for the cliff, a
little further below.
[flamenco shoes]

Farage reviews the Spanish Job (by ECB/EC)

Part of my theory about Spain revolting was
the fact that the government is very proud.
They will lie about their problems and not seek
help in avoiding them, out of pride.
When you accept a handout, you lose your pride.

Well, now, they will be taking a massive kick in the butt
from Germany, from now, on.
Germany will start making a football out of the egos of
Spaniards and Spanish politicians, like they've been
doing to Greece.
The rest of us know that they're doing it in order to play
the Euro exchange game, and to confuse the public, but
the Spanish are going to be taking it personally.
And they're gonna be pissed off. Nobody has talked to
them in this way in the Modern era. Greeks, for their part
are accustomed to ignoring that sh*t, but Spain is going
to start reacting badly.

I'll say, in an extreme case, they may start massing their
army on the border with Gibraltar, and if all is lost, will
occupy it, just to get back their feeling of self worth.

New shoe-throwing index for Europe, including
chances of warfare (New and improved).
So, what about a STI index in four parts
-likelihood of blood being spilt
-likelihood of government killing of protestors
-likelihood of societal breakdown
-chances of international First-World conflict

STI: Eurozone 
graphics later, from the department for graphics
Greece- 100%/ 85%/ 35%/ 5% [war with Turkey]
Portugal- 78%/ 50%/ 15%/ 0%
Ireland- 65%/ 65%/ 20%/ 0%
Italy- 100%/ 60%/ 35%/ 2% [North vs South Italy]
Spain- 100%/ 60%/ 35%/ 7%[Gibraltar]

I think that Gibraltar just got on my radar. As the Spaniards
start stewing over this El Troika stuff, they'll start looking
for easy victims that they've left lying there, for too long. 

Here, the Spaniards are going nuts, on a hate trip vs
Mrs Merkel, because of the offering of a bailout.
This is just a taste of the bruising of a national ego.
It's gonna get messy.

IshitUnot: 2 texts
MISH Shedlock [before Spain's bailout]
"Madrid has insisted it will not need an international rescue,
with the government in complete opposition to any form of
externally imposed programme as seen in Greece, Portugal and Ireland.

2 zerohedge
Spain Caves, Admits It Needs European BailoutSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 06/05/2012 07:32 -0400
And so those lining up at the bailout trough are now 4: remember all those lies Spain spoon-fed the gullible press that it didn't need a European bailout as recently as yesterday? You can now forget them....
[REUTERS] The source added that ministers would discuss the situation in Spain on the call and confirmed that Germany was pushing Spain to accept an EU rescue to help it recapitalise its stricken banks.
"They don't want to. They are too proud. It's fatal hubris," the source said of the government in Madrid.