Thursday, 21 June 2012

Milly Dowler zombie saves free speech

It's always been my belief that the Conservatives were about
to allow innocent old man Murdoch to buy up the whole media
landscape in the UK, were it not for the growing shit-storm
from the Milly Dowler voice-mail hack.
It's like they had a shit-sensor on their noses.

IshitUnot: sturdyblog 
 A Quasi-Disgraced Government
The truth of the Hunt affair is buried in a lot of waffle.
Sturdyblog clarifies.

After the bunting has come down and the union jacks have become just colourful litter, after the last cake on the last stand has been sold, cut-price for being as stale as our growth forecast, after the last drop of champagne has been drained from the crystal flutes and we begin to count the cost to our economy of the extra holiday, questions will persist over the Jeremy Hunt affair.
... There's more. The man who decided to replace Judge Cable with Judge Hunt is also a big ACME fan. He owes them big for their support in securing his position. He has secret meetings with the Head of ACME. He goes horse-riding with ACME executives. He has a close relationship with the ACME CEO. He has hired an ex-ACME man to be his Head of Communications. As a matter of fact, he discusses the case with top ACME people at a private ACME Christmas dinner, only two days after appointing Judge Hunt.
.... He bleats that he has "compartments" in his mind which, the moment he was appointed, isolated his personal views. So why did he continue calling, emailing, texting BSkyB dozens of times a week throughout the process, the rational observer may ask? "I wanted to be courteous" comes the response. Well, if Courteous Bending Over Backwards Gymnastics is an event in the upcoming Olympics, 532 text messages ought to secure Team GB their first medal. And if Pole-Vaulting Over All Propriety is an event, Hunt is going for the Gold.
His apologists point out that Hunt may have said the wrong thing, but actually did nothing wrong. Or to put it more simply, when it came to Vince Cable the paramount factor is what he said - not what he did. But when it came to Jeremy Hunt - ignore what he said and look at what he did.
... Let us not forget that, as the telephone-hacking scandal exploded over the heads of this poisonous posse like a rancid piñata, forcing NewCorp to withdraw their bid, Hunt was about to wave it through. And that, ultimately, is the only action of real relevance.